Campain of Hope – Medical volunteers from USA.

Unprivileged people of Montero had the unusual opportunity to improve their health, thanks to a medical team from USA.
Kristi Hembre, Andrea Beltran, Christy Krieg and Deanne Kashiwagi(Team Leader) arrived to Montero to help our people, bringing medicines, hope, knowledge and friendship.
The event took place at our medical center from May10th until 14th. Approximately 800 patients betwen children and adults, were seen and treated for free.
In name of our people Thank you so much to the team, for all the wonderful help to our people. God Bless you!


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Breast cancer prevention-detection Campain

In April, we had this important campain to prevent and detect breast cancer. Thanks to the group “Voluntarias de Cancer de Mama Santa Cruz” and doctors that made this possible in Montero.
112 women were seen at our medical center by 4 specialists. 27 are having mammography and follow up.
A few pictures of this important event.
We are looking forward to the next campain to help to prevent this terrible illness.             





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Working with Maria, our first volunteer of 2010.

Maria John, welcome to CLEM!
She is a volunteer from Germany staying with us until March. She is helping us to open our store where we are going to sell our products and others. Also she is going to make a pamphlet of CLEM, and look for new opportunities to expand our market and new volunteers.
In the picture, Maria visiting Beatriz and her family. We are sure both of us are going to grow with the experience!

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Thanks to Donovan Kessler, RPCV who served in Montero – CLEM (2007-2008) and his wife Fabiola Kessler for the wonderful night and delicious Mexican dinner and gifts.

It was a very nice of you cooking for all of us. Thank you for remembering us. We hope to continue our friendship through the years.

God Bless you friends!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Our dear friends,

We are here all together to say Thanks to our Lord for all that happened during the year. We celebrate everything including happiness, pain, work, love, friendship, blessings and also sadness.

We are very thankful with all of you to be in our lives, for all your support, love and effort. Our work and existence would not be possible without you. 

Now, we want to share some of our work throughout the year:

Friendship and spiritual support to women on our Monday meetings. Violence never ends, neither at home. Sadly, some of our partners have undergone physical abuse and corporal damage. We now continue our fight but in coordination with the office of the women in Montero.

We offer temporary job – economic aid to more than 30 women and their families sewing products in aguayo in our typical material.

Last November began classes to learn how to use knitting machines, and now we are practicing to have excellent products in alpaca.

Our CLEM Medical Center extended its services. Now, we are offering gynecology, dentistry, pediatrics services and an equipped laboratory.

We also had eye ophtalmologic, measurement of lenses, gynecologic and laboratory campaigns. More than 2000 patients came to our medical center this year.

Our Goals for the 2010

Our great goal in this New Year is to build our refuge for the woman. We see every day, it is a need in our community.  It is going to be a place where women can escape from violence. We also want to offer legal and psychological aid, plus short term classes so every woman learn something that is going to helo her to be independent in a near future.

Another of our goals is to learn to do bijouterie, and began our project of ecological bags to preserve our environment.

Our medical center always offering a good service. Integral health of the family with other specialties, and the extension of our medical center.

Also, it is needed support to pay the doctors since most of our patients are very poor.

Once again, thank you so much for all your help and prayers through the year. God Bless every one of you.

Merry Christmas and our best wishes of happiness, love, successes, and peace in your heart for the New Year!

With love,

Women of CLEM.

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Knitting machine training progress.

Thank you all for reading our blog!

It is a pleasure to share with you the advances of the knitting machine courses.

After 15 days of intensive classes, we learned how to assemble, use, and maintain the machines. It was easier than we had anticipated.

Here are some of our results:


December will be a busy month for us.  In addition to Christmas activities, we must continue practicing on the machines.

The second part of the training will begin in January.  We are anxious to start!

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Alpaca project

Thanks to the Tilghman family from the US, we are learning how to use
our six knitting machines which were donated by friends from the
United Kingdom a few years ago.

We are receiving training in design and production of alpaca products for the local and international market.

With the increased revenue, we hope to supplement the income
of our families and to expand the clinic providing better and
specialized services to the community.

lana de alpaca

Sweaters, scarves, shawls, hats, gloves, baby sweaters and throws are some of the products in baby alpaca that we are going to make.

 Here we have some pictures of the training classes:


Maria Jesus learning to use one of the machines.






Daniela, practicing how to get ready the machine to start working. By her side: Maria Jesus, teacher Edith, Bethy and Kathy.

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